The group in brief

A European, diversified and independent family group
that supports you with expertise.

Born in 1923, Groupe Burrus was formed through organic growth and company acquisitions in the field of Insurance and Finance. Composed of some fifty companies, Groupe Burrus is a solid and long-lasting federation of SMEs.

Resolutely independent, its stable family ownership enables a long-term investment approach. Thanks to its diversification strategy based on innovation and development in Europe, it now occupies strong positions in four main areas of activity: insurance, insurance brokerage, funds management and consulting and technology.

Groupe Burrus is committed to finding new solutions to meet the problems of its customers. Internationally, it relies on numerous partner networks, including the EOS Risq network present in more than 135 countries.

The group prepares every day to strengthen its efficiency and improve its performance, without compromising on its ethics and always in a transparent dialogue with its companies and their employees.

IN 2022

European countries
years of history


"The strength of family ownership is that it lasts over time; we are here to last, the teams and company policies are stable; it is responsible shareholding ". Christian burrus
The spirit of family entrepreneurship allows us to better understand the expectations of our clients, who are often themselves entrepreneurs.
Building on our strengths, our ambition is to provide ever more service and quality in our relationship with our customers and partners.
We are not driven by the search for profit at all costs but by the growth of our activities in accordance with the principles which have enabled us to remain independent. Sustainability and independence are always preferred.


Complementary skills

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