Our values

Our group is preparing every day to strengthen its efficiency,
to improve performance, without compromising
on its entrepreneurial, family and human values.

We are an independent family business, attached to human, ethical and honest values. These values, bequeathed by our founders, have been the key to our success since 1923, and will guarantee our long-term presence.

Ethics and agility are at the heart of our DNA. Day after day, we strive to shape a federation of diversified SMEs based on a long-term vision, to create value and develop jobs. We want to build ourselves in a cooperative way and not to place profit as the absolute goal. The interest is social and the intrinsic motivation is that of being a vector for all company stakeholders: employees, customers, shareholders, the environment and society.

For us, success does not lie in the brilliance of one-off victories, but in agility-our ability to bounce back and anticipate with determination the challenges of tomorrow to guarantee our sustainability.


Groupe Burrus is growing thanks to a federation of entrepreneurs sharing the same DNA, an eternally entrepreneurial, dynamic and daring spirit. It is thanks to these entrepreneurs that we have been able to meet the many challenges that have driven our growth.

We cultivate this entrepreneurial spirit by giving unconditional trust and respect to our companies and their branches. It is these human values that guarantee autonomy of action and cultivate initiative and risk taking. It is precisely because we know how to leave our comfort zone that we grow, improve and learn daily.

And it is because success can only be collective, that the sharing of the vision, the cooperation and the mobilisation of companies are decisive in the success of our projects.


People-focused since our origins, we have made listening and respect our top priorities. An outlook focused on both, generates relationships defined by quality, exchange and trust that we maintain at all levels.

Each individual feels the support of the company and vice versa, Groupe Burrus respects its commitments to its employees. This loyalty allows in particular: high loyalty and an important collective effort on the part of our employees.

We consider people to be our raison d’être and make sure to surround ourselves with passionately curious and empathetic women and men who listen to the world and our customers.


Because we have a very long-term vision and are independent, far from fluctuating market pressures, we can and must maintain agility at the heart of our DNA. We know that maintaining a strong strategic and organisational reaction capacity is crucial in order to ensure sustainable growth and constant integration into the environment.

It is by anticipating new needs, new uses, conquering new challenges linked to the professions of tomorrow and by the pride of the work accomplished that our federation of SMEs was formed.

This agility, at the service of our growth, largely contributes to the performance of a group which is today: authentic, healthy and stable.


The customer is at the centre of our attention. We constantly question ourselves in order to make the customer the driving force behind all changes and to co-construct with them.

Our raison d’être is to support our customers in order to protect them, their activity and their employees. This is why we are committed to listening to our customers and providing them with exceptional and pragmatic solutions while keeping our commitments.

Helping you achieve your goals is our leitmotif. This is why we create innovative solutions for all in complete fairness, respect and transparency.