Our fields of activity

100 years of family history, 4 main areas of expertise

The Groupe Burrus companies, whose strategy is based on diversification, innovation and international development, today occupy strong positions in four main areas of activity: insurance, insurance brokerage, funds management and consulting and technology.

This organisation, which is similar to a ‘federation of SMEs’, with a diversity of brands and activities united by a base of common principles and values, makes Groupe Burrus a group that is both singular and plural. Groupe Burrus invests in various industries, enhances their activities and creates strategic synergies to allow each company to stand out. The brokerage activity is capitalistically separated from the insurance activities.

Entrepreneurship, ethics and agility are the core values. A source of creativity, the freedom to undertake and to dare which is entrusted to the managers of the entities and to the employees promotes innovation, an essential element for the development of our activities. 


« … AFI ESCA specializes in the areas of savings, capitalization and provident insurance, particularly loan insurance and funeral insurance. The company relies on an increasing number of brokerage and CGP partners, established in French, Belgian and Italian territories. Thanks to this network, the company is part of a real desire for proximity and applies itself to developing real cohesion with its customers and partners … »


Our mission is simply expressed: to give the best to our Clients by constantly challenging the status quo in risk management, investment solutions and service execution. And it is demonstrated on a daily basis by the work of our teams to keep this precious asset that is their trust and to build a set of solutions unique to each context.


Our financial management company, Dôm, is an entrepreneurial and independent company dedicated to institutional and large corporate investors. Our management philosophy, based on the transversal expertise of our management teams, aims to provide recurring and controlled performance to our clients.

Magnacarta, our platform for wealth management advisers, business leaders and individuals, is now the benchmark asset management group in France.


Today, it is almost impossible to go a day without being confronted with the words “economy 4.0”, “digitization”, “digital transformation” or “fourth industrial revolution”. Based on this observation, the Group has set up a technology division, comprising the GIE as well as one company that produce IT solutions for insurance and banking professionals.



DIOT and Siaci Saint Honoré have created a new Brokerage Group